Mechanical TECH HINDI - Babcock Wilcox Boiler

Mechanical TECH HINDI - Babcock Wilcox Boiler

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    The main areas of application are DG Sets, Calciners, Rotary Lime Kilns, Furnaces, & Boilers, etc. where fuel oil is used. Major industries that have been using our fuel additives have reported a gain of 3% to 4% and system performance improvements like reduction in Carbon deposits on nozzles, pistons, Burner tips and reduction of sludge Learn More

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    Tapioca Lafun Kpokpogari Glucose syrup Glue Ethanol Composite bread Livestock feed industry ethanol is an octane booster and anti-knocking agent. cook in a jet cooker, ferment, distil, and bottle. In addition a steam boiler, generating set, effluent treatment plant and electrical system are required. The actual amount of cassava needed Learn More


    Also it is a large source of biogas, which is being used as fuel for driers, boilers etc. ii. Maize Gum: Corn Oil is produced by expelling oil from the germs. Corn Oil finds applications in food and other chemical industries. Maize oil cake obtained after expelling oil is …Learn More

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    The manufacture of tapioca fancies is a logical follow-up of the production of the flour itself in the countries of origin. Separation of the processing of the flour and of the derivatives would be illogical. some modern factories to reduce the mineral content of water used for the purification of starch as well as for steam boilers.Learn More

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    It is also used as a bio fuel. A basic ethanol plant that produces ethanol from cassava will wash, peel, grate, and cook the cassava in a jet cooker. It will then ferment, distill, and bottle the ethanol. Besides these equipment a steam boiler, generating set, effluent treatment plant, and an electrical system are needed.Learn More